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Email QR Code Marketing

The mobility of consumers is having a dramatic effect on the digital world. Before smart phones really became popular, the Internet was a mostly passive experience. Now, companies have to make changes to their websites and other digital content to better accommodate mobile users. If websites are not optimized for mobile viewing, consumers are likely to pass them by, unwilling to devote the time necessary to navigate the large, cumbersome pages on their mobile device.

Companies have also had to find new ways to connect with mobile consumers, leading them to adopt the QR code and other barcode technologies.

GetResponse, an acclaimed email marketing provider, has released a new analysis regarding the history of barcodes in business. Topics covered in the analysis include tactics, mobile marketing strategies and tips on how barcodes, especially QR codes, can be used in email marketing campaigns.

“We’re very excited to release this whitepaper and help SMB marketers understand that the codes are not just for big name brands – anyone can use them,” says CEO and founder of GetResponse, Simon Grabowski. In addition to the release of the whitepaper, the company has also launched their own free QR code generator, available through their website.

While more businesses are adopting QR codes at a rapid pace, some are still skeptical of whether the codes are worth the effort of incorporation. Grabowski asserts that, given their relatively low cost and consumers growing conjoined with mobile technology, businesses can scarcely afford not to get the codes a chance.

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