Bodymetrics announces augmented reality fitting room for Consumer Electronics Show

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Augmented reality is likely to be a big hit at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Several companies have already announced how they will be showing off the technology at the event. Many are attempting to bring more practicality to the technology, which has been used extensively as a gimmick for marketing campaigns. Bodymetrics, makers of body-mapping technologies, has announced that it too will be showing off its new augmented reality project at the conference.

The company has teamed with PrimeSense, an Israeli technology company, to make a new 3D body-mapping system that is based on Microsoft’s popular Kinect platform. The Kinect was originally meant to revolutionize the gaming world, but soon became a powerful tool for technology developers around the world. Using the Kinect, many have been able to create dynamic augmented reality experiences that change the way people do business.

Bodymetrics has built a new system that uses the Kinect as a virtual fitting room. Consumers can use the system to try on clothes at retail stores. They will be able to adjust the finer points of their clothing, such as color and size, and can search online for a specific piece matching their desires. Augmented reality has been in high demand in the retail industry for this reason, as it allows companies to serve consumers in a new way. Bodymetrics believes that its system will be a major hit with retailers looking to edge out the competition with new technology.

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