Augmented reality is getting more attention for its practical applications as design firm develops a Touch Vision Interface

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As augmented reality continues to become more advanced, much of the attention surrounding the technology is focused on its uses for entertainment and marketing. Many of the ways the technology has been used in recent times has branded it as novelty, along the same lines as 3D in the film industry. However, Teehan+Lax, an interactive design firm, is working to reverse the unjust branding of augmented reality technology. The company has developed a new software suite dubbed Touch Vision Interface that may bring a new dimension to augmented reality.

The touch Vision Interface makes use of a complex web of motion tracking and imaging programs in order to allow users to, essentially, paint designs on walls and computer screens using nothing more than a smart phone. The way the technology works is quite simple: Users aim their phone at a screen and drag their finger across the display of their smart phones, which will then reproduce the effect, in real-time, on the bigger screen at which the phone is pointed. The technology can interface with multiple displays, allowing users to draw a line on any number of screens.

The developers are keeping the specifications of their interface under wraps for the time being as they work on refining the programming. However, it is clear that the technology could be used to fashion personal interfaces for people with smart phones, allowing them to make use of augmented reality to enhance their daily routines.

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