Augmented reality application focuses on young consumers

mobile commerce demographics
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mobile commerce demographics

Pulp Strategy launches new application to give companies an edge in ground marketing

Pulp Strategy Communications, an experiential marketing and digital communications agency, has launched a new augmented reality application that is meant to combine the digital and print worlds. The application is meant to add a new dimension to print media, which has struggled to stay in the interests of consumers due to the availability of new gadgets that have made some forms of print media obsolete. The augmented reality application allows for static creatives and collaterals to be used with interactive digital experiences, a feature that may be able to boost the popularity of print with the younger generation.

Augmented reality application could be a powerful marketing tool for many large brands

Pulp believes that the augmented reality application will be a particular benefit to companies with brand activation campaigns. Companies will be able to use the application as a a way to connect with a younger audience, providing them with interactive content that they may not be able to find elsewhere. This is, indeed, what the application is designed for. Ambika Sharma, managing director and CEO of Pulp Strategy Communications, suggests that “the app will find much synergies with the digital natives and young audiences.”

Augmented reality is well on its way to becoming a leader in the marketing industry

Pulp is not the first company to show interest in providing ground marketing services to large companies. Several others have introduced similar services that leverage the capabilities of augmented reality. The technology is becoming a popular marketing tool due to its ability to provide consumers with an engaging experience with digital content. Augmented reality applications, in particular, are showing themselves to be excessively popular amongst younger consumers, many of whom are growing up stepped in mobile technology.

Young generation may be an ideal audience for interactive marketing

The comfort that the younger generation is showing with augmented reality makes them an ideal target for interactive marketing campaigns. These consumers are well versed in the various aspects of mobile technology and are accustomed to making use of it on a daily basis. Pulp believes that companies could benefit by setting their marketing sights on this demographic.

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