World Lens application coming to Android platform

world lens app

world lens app

Quest Visual expands the availability of World Lens

Quest Visual, a developer of mobile applications, has announced that its popular World Lens app will be available for Android mobile devices. The World Lens application can translate text using the camera attached to a mobile device and augmented reality. When used, the translated text is superimposed over the original source through the use of augmented reality technology. The application has proved popular amongst tourists and those looking for directions in foreign countries.

Application uses augmented reality to translate text

The World Lens application has previously only been available to the iOS platform. The Android version of the application will be nearly identical to the iOS version, with minor differences that will account for the technological capabilities of the differing platforms. The basic application will allow users to translate up to four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Mobile consumers will be able to purchase additional language packages through the Google Play Store. For a limited time after the release of the Android World Lens application, these language packages will be available for $4.99.


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Augmented reality gaining ground in mobile applications sector

The application makes use of augmented reality, an interactive technology that is growing in popularity in the mobile applications sector. The technology allows users to experience the real world through enhanced digital displays and content. This content is generated by augmented reality software which uses the camera of a smart device to project digital imagery over real world environments.

Windows Lens may find success on the Android platform

Quest Visual has tentative plans to release the World Lens application for the Windows Phone platform. These plans may be put aside, however, as Microsoft already has a similar application in the works. Nonetheless, World Lens developers believe that the application will find success in the Android market, which may be sufficient enough for developers to focus on improving the application rather than expanding its availability.

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