World’s first QR protection application coming from Symantec

QR code Scanner App

QR code Scanner App
There can be no doubt that QR codes are becoming vastly popular. Both businesses and individuals are finding uses for the codes that range from expansive marketing campaigns to personal branding. The codes are not only grabbing the attention of tech-savvy companies and consumers, however, they are also attracting the notice of people looking to exploit their rampant popularity. The number of malicious QR codes is growing and most mobile consumers are entirely exposed to the risk such codes present. Symantec, a renowned security firm, has created the world’s first QR protection application that will help keep consumers safe.

Symantec’s app, the Norton Snap QR Code Reader, is the first barcode scanning application that is designed to keep a person’s information safe. When used to scan a QR code, the app immediately checks to ensure that the content linked to the code is not malicious in nature. The process is akin to that of a virus scan on a PC. The app also deciphers the web address of the content, allowing users to see where they are going before they get there. The app comes equipped to block a number of malicious websites and programs.

For now, the scanner is only available for the iPhone and can be picked up for free from the Apple App Store. Symantec has plans to bring the app to other mobile platforms in the future, but will focus on tracking down malicious QR codes for the time being.

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