World’s first augmented reality newspaper launched in Ireland

Augmented Reality Newspaper Demo

While the world of news seems like an endless storm of change and adaptation, the reality is that the technology behind the new industry is still quite rudimentary. Despite the ability for new organizations to stay on top of breaking events around the world, the industry as a whole is slow to accept new technologies that could help it connect with a larger audience. Some believe that this adds a much needed point of stability in an industry that is defined by tumultuous changes in the world, but if consumers are not engaged there is little longevity in the new business.

As society becomes more enamored with technology, demand for high-tech media is rising at a steady pace. In an effort to appease the shifting appetite’s of consumers, Ireland’s Metro Herald, one of the country’s largest new organizations, has developed the world’s first augmented reality newspaper. This innovative development was made possible with the help of Blippar, a technology company specializing in augmented reality.

Smart phone users will need to download Blippar’s mobile application in order to make use of the AR newspaper. Using the app, mobile users need only to point their phones at their surroundings. When the app sees something that is related to a subject in the AR newspaper – a tree, for instance, could be linked to an article about the environment – the associated content will be displayed on the phone.

Kiearan Forde, marketing manager for the Metro Herald, believes that augmented reality will help the newspaper reach a wider audience and provide consumers with something they have never experienced before.

A special thanks to Simply Zesty Online PR for sharing a demo video on YouTube of the newspaper.

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