WIRED to feature new NFC advertisements from Lexus

WIRED Lexus ad for NFC

WIRED Lexus ad for NFC

Popular technology magazine WIRED has announced that it will be featuring a new NFC marketing campaign from automaker Lexus. The magazine claims that the new NFC advertisements are the first ever in the magazine industry. The ads will feature new navigation and safety technology that will be incorporated into upcoming Lexus models. These advertisements are being billed as an interactive experience, allowing WIRED readers to get hands-on experience with the new technology coming from Lexus.

Readers with NFC-enabled smart phones will be able to test out the Lexus Enform with Safety Connect system. This system is an updated version of Lexus’ navigation technology and includes information services. Enform will allow drivers to conduct Internet searches using voice commands rather than inputting data manually. It will also feature various social media integration options. The system will be included in the new 2013 Lexus GS.

WIRED believes that the advertisements are “cutting edge,” but the magazine’s initiative may not be met with the response it is hoping for. Currently, the content embedded in the advertisements can only be accessed through Android smart phones. These devices must also be NFC-enabled. This could be problematic because there are very few NFC-enabled Android mobile devices currently available. Though many mobile companies have manufactured new phones with NFC capabilities, consumers have yet to show rampant support for the technology, opting instead to purchase popular devices that do not support NFC technology. Nonetheless, WIRED believes that more people will be drawn to NFC advertisements as the technology becomes more familiar.

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