WhatsApp finally adds feature to let us send ourselves messages

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The new feature’s global launch occurred this week and is rolling out to all users.

WhatsApp has announced that it has rolled out a new feature globally, and it is one that users have been craving for a long time – whether they knew it or not.

The new feature will allow people to send themselves messages as reminders to themselves.

The new WhatsApp feature is expected to be used as a way to keep organized, remember various points of information that don’t need to be recorded for long, and simply as a reminder to be received later.

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The design of the feature is quite simple. It’s used in the same way that a user would send messages to another user. The difference is that they will receive it, instead of someone else. The message is sent within the same part of the chat application. This is expected to be particularly helpful for people who simply want to jot down a reminder for later on or to save a quick piece of information such as a link.

This feature is already available in many other texting apps and will now be added to WhatsApp.

Many other messaging applications have already implemented this type of feature. Users of Signal and Slack will have been using this option for some time now. It simply adds a little bit of space to keep organized and record bits and pieces of information, so they won’t be lost in the chat app as discussion threads run long.

It’s not uncommon to want to keep various little pieces of conversations or links organized, without having to sift through entire conversations or keep swaths of tabs open in a browser. Moreover, by being able to send yourself messages on this application, it means that you can share information with yourself that can be accessed on your phone or computer, depending on the device you happen to be using at the time.

When the WhatsApp feature becomes available on a device, sending a message to yourself involves the same process as messaging anyone else on your contact list. Simply tap the “New Chat” icon, and select your own contact from the top of the list. It will be listed under the option “Message Yourself.” From there, simply tap your contact and start to message as usual.

The feature started its global rollout this week, but it is a gradual process. WhatsApp expects to have the feature available to all users very soon, once everyone has accepted and installed the update when it has become available.

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