What watch to choose if you have never worn it?

What watch to choose

Today, buying watches is puzzling. There are a great number and a lot of types of watches, the cost of which varies from a dollar to the price of a luxury car.

Open any catalog, download any shopping site, go to any jewelry store, and you will get an amazing variety of watches. Big ones, small ones, dull black ones, shiny steel ones, bright orange ones – there had never been so many watches to choose from. And these are not just different brands or models. It seems that every year someone comes up with a new type of watch and the tendency to create something innovative will continue. No wonder that a search of a new watch can be so frightening.

The situation was not the same all the time. Not so long ago there was a time when it was strange to own more than one watch. A watch is a personal property that shows not only the time but also demonstrates a person’s wealth, status and aspirations.

This is not just a technology and not just an accessory. Sometimes watches are worn due to their appearance, but at the same time, they have practical functions. They inform about your position in the world. They act as a personal statement. In some cases, they are the most personal form of technology there is since their owners wear often the same watches for decades and treat them as an heirloom.

There was a time when having a watch was like possessing your own spacecraft, but even today, when a watch can cost less than a newspaper, it still takes a special place. And because we are living in an era of strong competition and individualism, watches exist in the ideal environment to develop and improve.

The advantages of phones
Starting from 2019, one question should be at the top, why people should buy watches at all? We live in a world full of watches that appear on every second gadget. In addition, almost everyone now has a mobile phone and they all show time, so why wear the watch on the wrist?

Actually, the phone is a more practical option and it has several advantages over a watch. If you are the owner of the phone, then you already have a way to determine the time accurately, because the clock functions are standard on the phones. In addition, phones can include additional applications, such as a moon calendar, world time, an alarm clock and a stopwatch, and they can do this without switching the modes and pressing the buttons.

The benefits of watches
Wristwatches have their advantages over phones. At business or social events when the phone in the hand may be rude, a quick glance at the watch will not even be noticed. Don’t forget that there’s no need to fumble in the pocket or purse in search of the watch, it will not vanish there.

When you’re on the go, wristwatches have the other advantages. In cold weather, they will not be hidden inside thermal wear. When watches are used, both hands are free for driving, skiing or other activities.

How to choose a watch?
1.2 billion watches are produced annually, so the choice is “simple”. If the world of watches was an ecosystem, it would be determined by a high mutation rate. Every year all kinds of brands, models, and options are launched and they are aimed at a great number of markets and submarkets. Worse, the trends tend to blur because fashion plays a definite role in watch design and many models borrow ideas from others.

Even purely technological categories can be combined with each other. For example, there are digital mechanisms and there are mechanical ones, but there are also hybrid ones. There are also digital and analog displays.

This mixture has become noticeable due to the appearance of gender-neutral watches that bridge the gap between traditional men’s and women’s watches, as women adopt a more masculine style.

In some sense, the best way to look for a watch is to look at yourself. Are you that kind of person who would be happy with Omega for $ 10,000? Will you feel comfortable with a massive sports watch designed to withstand a hammer blow? Or maybe it’s better to pay attention to some elegant and delicate accessory?

Of course, there are a few simple rules to choose an appropriate timepiece:

Do not wear a Mickey Mouse watch with a business suit or a bright orange sports watch with a dinner jacket or an elegant model with a leather strap with diamonds and yoga clothes.

Eventually, it results in the fact that the watch will represent a person. Chosen wisely it can quickly become a valuable asset or a cherishedWhat watch to choose and gadgets gift. Chosen poorly it may end up in a rubbish bin. The secret is to know what you need, what you want to say about yourself or the person for whom the watch is chosen and what you can afford. Then do some research to make sure that you have picked the right one. It can be as simple as looking through an online catalog for a few minutes, or as difficult as finding the elusive “Grail” watch for several years.

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