What the new year holds for tech and commerce

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce
Last year, the technology world reached a critical point where the world saw dramatic changes toward mobile marketing, collaborative consumption, social commerce, empowered individuals, and education sector disruptions.

The predictions for 2012 indicate that this year will be even more exciting than last year, across the board.

Among the main points of focus in tech this year is mobile. Absolutely everything in the mobile world is at the cusp of significant and meaningful changes, and they will be growing extremely rapidly because of the global mobile connectivity levels that are skyrocketing.

New introductions that are about to truly take off include mobile content (driven by HTML5’s boosted adoption), payments, advertising, location-based marketing, and infrastructure (as changes are made to compensate for the higher demands for bandwidth for data, improved mobile security, and better technology for extended battery life). All of these areas are set to explode, as are emerging market-based localized solutions.

Tablets should also continue their rise, and more apps will be designed specifically toward media consumption on those specific devices, as will the creation of greater interactivity for them.

The web, as a whole, will begin to be defined to a greater extent by the mobile web. The International Data Corporation (IDC) has forecasted that a growing number of American internet users will begin to access the net using mobile devices, and that this number will grow at a faster rate than other wireline devices or desktop (or laptop) computers, by the year 2015.

IDC also stated that mobile devices already represent more than 90 percent of internet access in many emerging markets.

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