Wendy’s mobile ads on Facebook have a Snapchat style

wendy's QR codes mobile ads

The fast food chain is creating interactive burgers through the use of GIFs and videos.

Just as brands start tinkering with the mobile ads in the new full screen Facebook style, Wendy’s is working on using this new format in a whole new and creative way that they hope will encourage considerable interaction from consumers.

The fast food restaurant chain is using images, videos and GIFs to illustrate how their burgers are made, layer by layer.

The layers of the hamburgers are all displayed and added to each other, including everything from a grilled patty of beef to the slices of cheese that top them. When discussing these mobile ads, the Wendy’s director of digital marketing, Mike Bueno, explained that “The Wendy’s quality story carries a lot of equity with our fans and we wanted to invite them into that story, literally layer by layer.”

The new mobile ads are a direct reflection of the company’s intention to boost its digital experience.

wendy's QR codes mobile adsBueno stated that “We’re always looking for new ways to have fun with digital, and Facebook is a great partner in helping us do that.” The ad on Facebook encourages viewers to swipe upward on their mobile devices when they’ve clicked the advertisement from their news feed . This concept is very similar to that of Snapchat and its own pitch to publishers and advertisers.

This is one more example of the ways in which brands are working hard to provide their target demographics with more vertical video and content that has been designed specifically for certain platforms. Brands other than Wendy’s have also been testing the new immersive format of Facebook ads. Some of the leaders include Michael Kors and Gatorade. Recently, Bacardi became the first alcohol brand to do the same thing.

The experience allows brands to provide mobile ads that not only encourage interactivity with Facebook members, but it also allows the experience to function as though it were a website, despite the fact that it never actually causes the user to have to leave the social network. This can even allow purchases to be made without having to step out of Facebook.

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