WeChat update makes mobile commerce possible for all retailers in China

mobile commerce shopping
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New update allows the popular app to serve as a universal mobile shopping and payments platform

China’s Tencent is beginning to push into the mobile commerce field more aggressively. The company’s most popular application, WeChat, has been updated to introduce a new feature. Now, all Chinese brands will be able to support mobile payments made through the application. Thanks to the update, WeChat can be used for in-store purchases as well as online purchases. The update may help solidify WeChat as the leading mobile commerce platform in China.

Demand for mobile shopping services is on the rise among consumers

Consumers throughout China have been expressing their growing interest in shopping with their mobile devices. Many people already use these devices to shop online, but more want to see in-store support from retailers when it comes to mobile payments. Many retailers have been slow to approach this issue because they are not certain how to provide consumers with an enjoyable shopping experience with their own mobile commerce platforms.


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Tencent continues to push into the mobile space

mobile commerce shoppingAs China’s most popular messaging application, WeChat may be able to ensure that retailers can engage mobile consumers effectively. Tencent has been working to bring WeChat into the mobile commerce sector for some time and has been competing with Alibaba when it comes to engaging consumers in the mobile space. The update made to the WeChat application makes it possible for China’s retailers to support mobile payments more effectively, thereby allowing them to accommodate the demands of consumers.

In-store purchases made possible with the use of QR codes

In-store payments will be conducted through the use of QR codes. These codes can be scanned by the WeChat application. Once a code is scanned, consumers will be able to finalize a transaction using the financial data they have linked to WeChat. QR codes have been popular marketing tools in Asia for several years, but they are beginning to rise to prominence as powerful mobile commerce tools that can engage consumers in an efficient and effective manner. These codes are likely to begin appearing in stores supporting mobile payments in the coming months.

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