Wearables trial at Westin Hotels & Resorts could improve sleep for guests

Westin Grand Hotel Berlin Wearables

The goal is to help to make sure that people staying at the company’s locations will be better rested at night.

The latest phase of the Westin Hotels & Resorts Well-Being Movement – a year-long effort to improve the stay of its guests – has now been unveiled, showing that it will be testing wearables in order to help customers to be able to obtain a better night of sleep while staying at one of their locations.

This pilot program will be run through a partnership that has been formed with Lark Technologies.

Lark Technologies is a company that includes itself among the leaders in the tech and wellness market. Together with Westin, it has created a new Sleep Sensor Wearable-Lending program. This will provide guests with the opportunity to try a program that includes the use of wearables in order to enhance the quality of their stay and their sleep. The program is optional and gives guests the opportunity to try out the Lark Up Sleep Monitor, Silent Alarm Clock, and Personal Sleep Coach while they are staying at the hotels and resorts.

These wearables are meant to help to provide virtual coaching, sleep pattern tracking, and optimal rest.

Westin Grand Hotel Berlin WearablesAccording to the founder of Lark Technologies, Julia Hu, “Partnering with Lark Technologies will allow Westin guests to achieve their best sleep through a series of personalized coaching tips rooted in science. This is a milestone and a great example of knowledge being power when it comes to promoting a foundational aspect of well-being: sleep.”

The wearable tech from Lark is meant to help guests at Westin to be able to achieve the following:

• Improved sleep – through the use of a “scientific sleep monitor” in combination with an app that has shown that 70 percent of its users will have better significantly sleep within a month.
• Sleep tracking – millions of a sleeper’s micro-movements are tracked throughout the night, making it possible for the sleeper to then review his or her sleep patterns in the morning. This way, improvements and changes can be measured over time and factors impacting sleep can be identified.
• Virtual coaching – guests are able to obtained advanced data visualizations of the sleep patterns recorded through the wearables and obtain explanations of areas where problems exist while better tracking issues and progress over time.

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