Wearable technology shirt offers awesome fitness tracking

OmSignal wearable technology shirt

This special clothing is designed to make accurate and useful biofeedback more practical to wearers.

A new form of wearable technology in the form of a t-shirt from OMsignal, which features knitted electrodes to work as sensors for respiration and heart rates has now been developed to help to overcome the limitations of today’s fitness trackers and to make this tech much more practical to those who want to wear it.

The idea is that when the tech has been worked right into clothing, it becomes far more palatable.

The Electrodes are woven right into the fabric, along with a small wearable technology device, which allows the OmSignal shirt wearer to be able to track a great deal more about his or her activities and the way that they are affecting his or her body. This includes breathing and heart rate, among other forms of biofeedback.

This could help to overcome one of the largest wearable technology challenges that have been faced so far.

Many of the manufacturers of wearables, such as augmented reality glasses, fitness trackers, smartwatches, and others, has been to be able to convince consumers to actually want to put them on. Even the device that have been making the biggest headlines – such as the Fitbit, Jawbone, Google Glass, and Samsung Galaxy Gear – struggle to encourage the adoption of these gadgets.

Now, the OMsignal startup believes that it has found the answer to overcoming this problem. It has designed a product that works in the same way as something that a consumer would already wear, but that would provide the features that are associated with one of the gadgets that has not yet taken off in the mainstream. In this case, it comes in the form of a shirt.

In fact, OMsignal has recently unveiled four wearable technology shirts that sense heat rate and breathing, as well as movements, through electrodes within the fabric, which are then recorded by a gadget that simply snaps into a side pocket. It functions with a smartphone application so that the user can then track movements calories burned, the amount of energy an individual has before running out of steam, and other useful stats.

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