Wearable technology from Microsoft allows clothing to charge phones

Microsoft wearable technology pants example (not product image)

A new special pair of pants will give users the ability to power up their smartphones.

While rumors had suggested that the first piece of wearable technology to be produced by Microsoft would come in the form of a smartwatch, the company has now shown that it has something else up its sleeve…er…pant leg.

These new wearables are interesting but don’t necessarily mean that a smartwatch isn’t on its way.

Even with the highly unique announcement of wearable technology in the form of cell phone charging pants, people are still speculating about a Microsoft smartwatch that could be just around the corner. Equally, though, this entry into wearables by the software giant has brought something quite noteworthy into the world.

The company designed its wearable technology by partnering with Adrien Sauvage.

Microsoft wearable technology pants example (not product image)Sauvage, a fashion designer from the United Kingdom, provided critical assistance in the creation of a pair of pants that are equipped with a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate. That mobile device is stored in the pockets of the clothing. When a wearer puts his or her smartphone into the pants pocket, electromagnetic induction is used to charge the device. That said, the plate, itself, can be charged through a Micro USB.

The Microsoft pants will soon become available for pre-order on Amazon. That said, if you’re hoping that they will be as inexpensive as a traditional charger, then think again, as they will likely cost “over $340”, according to one report. That said, the majority of wearables are currently being sold with a premium price tag.

When taking into consideration that the charging plate, on its own, already costs more than one hundred dollars when purchased at its retail price, and it needed to be worked into a pair of pants that were actually considered to be fashionable and attractive, it starts to explain why the final product isn’t being sold at bargain basement prices.

The wearable technology was first unveiled at a London fashion show. This suggests that these Microsoft pants may not be entirely focused on the end consumer. However, it does provide an important window into what the future of combining clothing and tech may hold.

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