Wearable technology gets weirder with the Selfie Hat from Acer

Acer Selfie Hat - wearable technology

This new and highly unique device has been called everything from hilarious to scary – it’s certainly different.

Acer has just taken a much more light hearted approach to wearable technology with its oversized, vibrant pink, glittering selfie hat, which has certainly carved out a whole new branch of this tech category.

Recently, the Selfie Brush made its way into the world, and now the obsession with taking one’s own picture is growing.

The Selfie Hat, from Acer, is a massive piece of headwear, reminiscent of a tremendous beach hat or even a novelty sombrero. Except this accessory gets even stranger because it features a fold down flap that can contain an Iconia A-1 840tablet. The tablet is positioned on the wearable technology hat in a way that it gives the wearer the opportunity to slide it around the edge of the brim in order to be able to take a selfie at whatever angle they want.

What can be considered even more amusing is that this wearable technology was a careful effort in fashion.

Acer Selfie Hat - wearable technologySo far, wearable tech as a whole has not been receiving very much positive attention in terms of its actual fashion appeal. It isn’t that efforts have not been made, but so far, they do not seem to have been able to break through that very challenging barrier of actually meeting the expectations of the average person – or even the haute couture crowd.

There have been a few pieces of jewelry that have found their successes, but when it comes to larger items – including several smartwatches – most have left quite a lot to be desired. In the case of this Selfie Hat, Acer UK worked with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis.

The hat is certainly worth seeing, despite the fact that it isn’t likely to have much appeal for actual ownership. It is doubtful that this was the intention for it. It was on special display at the Christian Cowan-Sanluis fashion presentation for London Fashion Week as one of several pieces of wearable technology that received attention at that event. Those who are actually interested in the product would require a special consultation from the designer.

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