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smartwatch wearables technology
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From the futuristic Sony SmartWatch 2 to fashion forward mobile devices, these gadgets are the hottest tech trend.

Sony has already established itself as quite the competitor within the mobile tech market over the last short while, particularly through their waterproof Xperia Z phones, but it is their smartwatches that are helping them to create a true name for themselves, as wearable technology is among the hottest trends currently going.

Sony is currently seeking to sell its laptop brand called Vaio and to convert their TV branch into a subsidiary.

This would suggest that mobile and wearable technology products are about to become an even greater focus for Sony than they have ever been. More specifically, it is smartwatches and smart bands that appear to be in the brand’s primary line of sight. They featured a number of different wearable gadgets at CES and it is epected that the MWC in Barcelona, next week, will be providing a tremendous amount of insight beyond what is already known.

Sony has long been recognized for being on the cutting edge, but now they clearly intend to stand out in wearable technology.

smartwatch wearable technologyEven though wearables are relatively new to technology news, they have still managed to come a very long way from their prototypes and initial launches. Clearly, tech companies are recognizing that while it is important that functionality meet the consumer’s expectation, style is just as important.

As fashion has been low on the priority scale until now, the number of people who are interested enough in these mobile devices to actually make a purchase has remained rather small. Considering the price tag that is attached to these products, consumers don’t want to be too embarrassed to wear them.

Google Glass is a prime example of a redesign with fashion in mind. Their latest version of the augmented reality glasses are starting to put style first, with attractive frames to suit the tech. In fact, technology companies have started to team up with top designers to make their hardware more attractive. Among the most famous instances of this is likely the partnership between Apple and Paul Denis, the former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent. It is believed that this occurred for the design of the iWatch. Similarly, Birch and Bippit came together for their own wearable technology line of pendants and bracelets for activity tracking.

The more that sensors continue to shrink, the greater flexibility there will be in adding them to different materials and mobile devices.

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