Wearable technology can be worked into your manicure

wearable technology nail polish nail beds mhealth

A new form of nail polish includes sensors that are designed to function as mhealth reminders.

A new form of wearable technology has now been designed to be worn right inside a person’s manicure, complete with sensors that are highly practical for mhealth purposes, such as assisting a smoker in being able to quit, or helping a patient to remember to take his or her medication at the right time.

All of this is as convenient to wear as your regular, average manicure with nail polish.

Until now, wearable technology has come in the form of smartwatches, fitness bands, augmented reality headsets, and even smart clothing and patches worn on the skin. But the latest wearables are becoming even smaller and less distinguishable as an actual device. Instead of wearing machines and electronics that some would call geeky (while others simply adore them), this latest development works the tech right into nail art.

This wearable technology can be worked into one of a kind fashions and looks that keep up with the latest styles.

wearable technology nail polish nail beds mhealthInstead of being limited in terms of shapes and colors, a full range of decorative designs are possible with these high tech manicures. They include a full range of colors, as well as crackled polish, embedded rhinestones, and other appealing decorative designs. These nail beds could provide a very convenient place for embedded digital sensors that would allow wearers to be able to track their movements, remind them to keep up with a medication program, or even stop them from making certain gestures, such as those related to smoking, when that individual is trying to quit.

The nail art sensors are the design of nail art aficionados Jenny Rodenhouse and Kristina Ortega. These nail beds stop wearables from being a one size fits all experience and customizes them to the specific wearer’s needs and taste.

As millions of women and even some men are already using their nails to create a unique and complete look for themselves, this could present the next big wave in customizable and wearable technology that could also help to overcome the struggle that this market has faced in being seen as “cool”.

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