Wearable technology brings clothing and NFC technology together

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A new development from a high end tailor in Australia could allow mobile payments to be made through clothing.

When it comes to wearable technology, it can feel as though nothing is impossible, and according to MJ Bale, a high end tailor in Australia, their Power Suit which is enabled with NFC technology can make it possible for its wearer to complete a contactless mobile payments transaction without ever having to touch a credit card or wave a smartphone.

This premium high tech clothing uses the Visa payWave system, which uses near field communications.

The same NFC technology that has been making recent mobile payments news headlines through its use in enabled smartphones is now making its way into clothing. This wearable technology is worked right into the sleeve of the Power Suit so that its wearer can make a purchase by tapping his wrist – or waving it – over a terminal at a store’s point of sale. This allows the cuff of the individual’s sleeve to be used instead of a credit card.

This wearable technology is worked into a high quality, fashionable suit so that it doesn’t sacrifice style.

The Power Suit is made out of Australian merino wool and allows the wearer to make payments through the payWave system at Visa, in order to connect to the mobile wallet from the Heritage Bank. Users are able to add to the balance in their digital wallet through the use of their credit or debit card, so that they can then pay for products and services without having to bring those cards with them.

The tailor, MJ Bale, has partnered with the Heritage bank in this effort. At the moment, they are trialing eleven different Power Suit prototypes. According to Matt Jenson, the CEO of the tailor, “The prototype means the wearer doesn’t need to ruin the cut of their trousers or jacket with a bulky wallet. It allows individuals to be ahead of the technology game and look top notch.”

This wearable technology product aligns well with many of the latest tech trends involving mobile payments, NFC tech, and even wearables, themselves.

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