Wearable technology has arrived for “smart” babies

wearable technology Sproutling for baby

The company behind Sproutling has now created wearables for the youngest family members.

While it is becoming increasingly commonplace to see mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets being carried by adults, teens, and even children, and wearable technology is starting to show up here and there in the form of smartwatches and augmented reality glasses, the business that created Sproutling now believes that the baby in the family can also join this high tech experience.

In fact, with that wearable device, an infant could become the most high tech member of the family.

The Sproutling wearable technology device is a baby monitor that can be worn by an infant and that looks somewhat like a pillowy and adjustable version of a fitness band. The team that came up with this tech are from companies such as Google and Apple, so they are quite experienced in what it takes to make tech products that are appealing and easy to use.

This wearable technology is designed to complement or replace the traditional video or audio baby monitor.

These wearables inform parents as to what a baby is doing. The notifications provided are quite unique. Instead of listening for the baby to make a sound, this device uses an app to provide parents with regular updates of his or her activities. The app will show parents whether or not the baby is asleep, and can even give indications as to the infant’s mood. One example of a notification that could be received through the app is an “awake and fussy” alert if the baby should wake up at 3 a.m.


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The mobile app can also alert parents with regards to a noise that was detected by the baby monitor that was not produced by the child but that could wake him or her. Should anything unusual happen, alerts will also be provided. This can include a spike in temperature, a strange roll-over, a change in the baby’s heart rate, or other similar types of events. In these situations, a bright red notification is automatically and immediately produced.

At the moment the Sproutling mobile app to complement the wearable technology is available only to iOS device users. That said, the company has stated that it won’t be long before there is an Android version, as well.

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