Top 4 Ways You Can Use to Send Large Files

Most of us have to go through the frustrating feeling of  completing their video projector collecting  all the pictures that they need for their school project only to find out that the file size is too big to transfer. Unfortunately, right now, our emails only support up to 25MB of file transfer, and if you go 1 kb above that, you will be notified with an error saying file size too big. However, if you can’t send a file the traditional way, I have made a list of four alternative ways you can use to ensure that your files, including your edited files from sodapdf online pdf editor, reach their destination without much trouble. So, without further ado, let’s carry on with our article.

Upload Your File to Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Where you can’t send your file through regular mail, I have got just the right solution for you. You can use cloud storage spaces like Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive to store your large files. All you have to do is make an account on one of these cloud storage platforms, drag and drop your file into any folder, and voila you are done. Moreover, depending on what mail provider you are using, if your file exceeds the limit, the provider automatically stores your file onto the cloud storage. For example, Gmail uses Google Drive, and Outlook uses OneDrive. 

Use File Compression Software

Another neat trick that you can use is to convert your large files into smaller size using compression software programs. For example, if you have a large pdf file with lots of pictures and details, you might not be able to send it over using a regular mail, or it might take up a lot of time. So, the best way to ensure that there are no complications, you can use the soda pdf compression software to convert large excel to pdf into smaller ones. To make this even easier, you can also directly upload your pdf files from Google Drive and Dropbox

Purchase a USB Drive

USB Drive

Now, this tip might be old, but it still works. If you want to ensure that you never have trouble while exchanging files locally, you can simply purchase a USB Drive with enough storage. A USB Drive is a very useful device that lets you pass down files more easily between your coworkers and gives you ample space to save and backup your files for additional protection.

Use a VPN

You might be wondering that a VPN is useful when you want to protect your online identity, so how will it be useful in sending large files? You will be surprised to know that a lot of internet service providers limit broadband traffic to moderate upload bandwidth. However, if you use a VPN when sending your files, your ISP won’t be able to recognize how large the file size is, and they won’t be able to block it. However, you should only go for this option when the rest aren’t working as this will greatly reduce your internet speed, and the file transfer will take longer.

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