Wave of patents from Apple point toward new iPads using AR technology


ipad newsApple is making a move toward augmented reality according to a sudden string of patent filings emerging last week. Thus far, these patents are linked to the development of a next generation iPad, which will be equipped with a transparent display. This high-tech feature will put AR to good use, as the display will be fully customizable and will interact with the environment according to user specifications.

The company has previously been understated in their interest in augmented reality, but these new patents show that Apple is not keen to be left behind as their competitors begin to adopt the technology.

Another patent filed by Apple earlier in the week shows that the high-tech iPad will not be alone in its use of AR. Another device will also be developed, though this one will make use of a more conventional display. According to the patent, however, the device will have several augmented reality featured, but it is unclear as to what lengths the technology will be used.


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The iPad seems to be utterly reliant upon the technology. The next generation iPad will make use of a complex system comprised of GPS, WiFi, gyroscopes, motion sensors and augmented reality mapping technologies to accomplish its goal of immersing the user in a entirely 3D experience. The AR overlay will also display real time information on a variety of subjects, such as time, date, weather and location.

Apple’s foray into the realm of augmented reality may come to be recognized as a defining point for the technology, if the new iPad lives up to its lofty intentions.
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