Warp 9 launches new venture to support those interested in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce for Retailers

New group aims to accelerate the adoption of mobile commerce among merchants using Magento

Warp 9, a leading e-commerce and mobile solutions organization, has announced that it has launched a new mobile commerce group that will focus on serving businesses using the Magento platform. Magento is an e-commerce platform that has become particularly popular with retailers. It allows retailers to engage digital consumers in a more effective way, offering them services that are well suited to the online nature of society today. Magento has seen significant growth over the past year and Warp 9 sees this growth as a major opportunity in itself.

Majority of businesses using Magento are not engaging mobile consumers effectively

An estimated 240,000 businesses currently make use of the Magento platform, but Warp 9 suggests that as much as 95% of these businesses do not have a significant mobile commerce presence. While these businesses are taking e-commerce quite seriously, the majority of them are ignoring the mobile space. These companies could be missing out on a major opportunity as mobile commerce continues to grow in prominence. Warp 9’s new venture is meant to help these companies better understand the mobile market.

Demand for mobile services continues to rise among consumers

Mobile commerce for RetailersThe demand for mobile services is on the rise among consumers, and if businesses do not accommodate this demand they could risk losing relevance in the relatively near future. While engaging mobile consumers may seem quite simple, it has proven to be a difficult task for many retailers. Most retailers have failed to make their websites and e-commerce platforms useable for mobile consumers, leaving these consumers with a poor shopping experience and discouraging them from participating in mobile shopping in the future. Warp 9 may be able to help solve this problem.

Mobile commerce solutions group offers innovative services to merchants using Magento Enterprise and Magento Community

Warp 9’s mobile commerce solutions group is focused on providing rapidly deployed mobile website services that are meant to augment the efforts of Magento Enterprise and Magento Community merchants. The group offers design, functionality, and customization solutions based on the merchan’ts needs.


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