Walmart and Marvel team to promote The Avengers film

Augmented Reality app

Augmented Reality app

The Avengers promoted through augmented reality campaign

Retail giant Walmart has teamed with Marvel Entertainment to prepare for the release of the upcoming film The Avengers. The film draws together some of the most powerful and famous heroes in the Marvel universe and this concept will serve as the template for the latest promotional campaign from both companies. Walmart has begun turning its stores into virtual playgrounds featuring Marvel super heroes. Shoppers can see these heroes with the use of the “Super Hero AR” mobile application, which brings the landscape to life through the use of augmented reality.

Marvel has some history with augmented reality technology

Marvel has been keenly interested in augmented reality recently. The company has begun using the technology for its new series of comics, Avengers vs. X-Men. The technology has, thus far, proven quite popular with consumers because of its ability to turn static forms of entertainment, such as comic books, into interactive experiences. Marvel believes that using augmented reality as a marketing tool will prove to be equally successful among consumers with smart phones and other such mobile devices.

Application tasks shoppers to defeat a super villain

Using the augmented reality application, shoppers can use their smart phones to see digital content associated with certain physical images associated with The Avengers film. The promotion is designed as a game, which tasks shoppers with acquiring five different super powers in order to defeat Loki, the villain of the film. These powers are attained by interacting with the digital content associated with signage found throughout Walmart stores. Those participating in the game can share their accomplishments with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Augmented reality stating to attract the interest of entertainment companies

Augmented reality is a powerful tool in terms of marketing. The technology allows companies to engage consumers in a new way, offering them exclusive content that they may have never seen before. Marvel’s interest in augmented reality is proof that the technology is beginning to gain traction in the world of entertainment. As interest in the technology continues to grow, more entertainment companies are likely to adopt augmented reality as a way to appeal and engage tech-savvy consumers with smart phones and mobile devices.

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