Vital elements of mobile marketing to be revealed at the IMMBN Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit

Mobile Marketing Event

Mobile Marketing Event
At his IMMBN Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit seminar on August 30, 2011, Dan Hollings will be speaking about the best ways with which to build a business using mobile marketing techniques.

Dan Hollings is widely considered to be a marketing renaissance man in Hollywood by big business and higher education, and is consulted for the best marketing strategies and blueprints in the world. ABC News has referred to the marketing campaign that Dan Hollings created for the film “The Secret” as one that will “go down in history as the greatest case study of viral marketing ever done. Anywhere.”

In Hollings’ seminar, he will be discussing what he believes to be the most important parts of a mobile strategy that is designed to successfully make money. He will also be providing a detailed explanation of how pricing services work and why he thinks that customer reviews are critical to effective mobile marketing.

He has stated that about half of American mobile subscribers currently use SMS, and as a marketer he feels that this holds a significant opportunity.

The IMMBN Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit is a live event that is held online over three days from August 30 through September 1. It features experts in the mobile industry, as well as successful mobile marketers and thought leaders who share their techniques, strategies, tools, and tips. It has been designed to allow attendees to become better equipped to grow their own successful mobile marketing business and form dynamic marketing campaigns for mobile devices.

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