Apple Vision Pro headsets are being returned by early adopters

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Fans of the brand who were the first to buy are returning the devices for a number of reasons.

As excited as many people were to purchase the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality headset, many have decided that this gadget isn’t for them and are returning it.

Apple’s purchase agreement says that the headsets can be returned within 14 days of purchase.

Though there are certainly people who are keeping their Vision Pro headsets, there are enough people returning them to get the $3,500 back that they spent on their purchase that it is showing up as a trend on social media platforms.

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Among the leading reasons cited for returns is comfort. People have been suffering from motion sickness and headaches most often when they return their device for that reason. That said, other complaints have involved the weight of the device, and that the majority of the headset is front-loaded. Many people also suffered eye strain, reporting cases of red eyes. One person reported that they believed that they had experienced a burst blood vessel in one eye.

Though the Vision Pro has been very well reviewed, some people feel it’s just not for them.

“Despite being as magical to use as I’d hoped, it was simply way too uncomfortable to wear even for short periods of time both due to the weight and the strap designs. I wanted to use it, but dreaded putting it on,” said product manager for The Verge, Parker Ortolani in a report that publication made on the subject. “It’s just too expensive and unwieldy to even try to get used to the constant headaches and eye strain I was experiencing. I’ll be back for the next one.”

The issue with which Apple is struggling is that they were required to create a scalable wearable production model for consumers who are each unique in terms of their sizes, shapes, preferences, comfort levels, and other issues.  A gadget like this one that is worn on the face and around the head must deal with a far larger number of issues than a smartwatch, for example.

That said, another common issue people are reporting when they return their Apple Vision Pro headsets is that the gadget’s productivity doesn’t justify the price.

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