Apple mixed reality Vision Pro goggles unveiled to varied response

Vision Pro Goggles - Introducing Apple Vision Pro - Apple YouTube

While some raved about the potential of the device, others were far more skeptical or concerned.

It’s not unusual for technology to receive a mixed response these days, but there was a particularly large variety of responses to the official unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality goggles.

Among the leading concerns expressed had to do with increased trends toward isolation.

The Apple Vision Pro goggles are designed to provide both an augmented reality and virtual reality experience. When in augmented reality mode, the wearer can see the real world around them, only with digital overlays. The virtual reality setting offers an entirely virtual experience, without the real-world setting.

Reporters who had the opportunity to test the device were quickly taken in by the experience offered by the impressive technology Apple integrated into the headset. That said, despite their enjoyment of the tech, many also made note of an unsettling thought that arrived later on, regarding the way such devices can encourage far more dramatic trends in digital isolation.

There were many positive attributes associated with the experience of the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The mixed reality headset is relatively easy to set up, but its use is surprisingly intuitive. To set up the device, the user must have an iPhone, which takes an eye and ear assessment of the wearer. If prescription glasses or contact lenses are worn, additional celebrations are required, but according to Apple, that won’t be a complicated process for users to undergo.

Vision Pro Goggles - Image 2 - Introducing Apple Vision Pro - Apple YouTube

Once the setup is complete, putting the headset on is quite straightforward as it features a knob positioned on the side of the device that makes it easy to create a comfortable fit. The look of the device was far more widely accepted than has been the case with other VR headsets currently on the market. While it is far from stylish, it is less likely to feel outright embarrassing. The look is comparable to ski goggles.

Controlling the Vision Pro headset is straightforward, requiring wearers to simply press a button above the right eye of the device. From there, users are presented with a virtual menu screen offering apps such as messaging, photos, phone calls, web browsing and video streaming. Looking directly at an app and pinching a thumb and finger together selects an app.

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