Visa launches new program to support mobile payments

Visa Mobile Payments News

Visa Developer may aid in the development of new mobile payments services

Visa has released a new developer program that is designed to accelerate the adoption of mobile payments. Called Visa Developer, the program will provide developers with access to new technology, most of which is associated with mobile transactions in some fashion. The mobile payments market is growing quickly, and more companies are beginning to embrace mobile commerce as a way to provide better services to consumers. Visa has become heavily invested in this space and intends to secure its future growth.

Visa makes new technology available to developers interested in mobile commerce

The Visa Developer program will provide access to Visa’s account holder identification technology and peer-to-peer payment solutions. It will also provide access to Visa Checkout, which facilitates in-store and online transactions, particularly from mobile devices. Developers will be able to make use of comprehensive security and fraud protection software from Visa, ensuring that they can produce safe mobile payments systems that consumers will be confident in using regularly.

Security remains a major priority in the mobile commerce space

Visa Mobile Payments NewsVisa considers security to be one of the most important aspects of the mobile payments space. In the past, many consumers have opted out of the mobile commerce space due to security concerns. This sector has become particularly attractive to malicious groups that want to exploit the financial information of consumers and businesses alike. Visa has lead the way in improving mobile commerce security with the introduction of tokenization, which replaces consumer financial information with unique digital tokens that can be used to authenticate a transaction.

Visa Developer may ensure continued success in the mobile payments sector

Visa has been working on its new development program for several years, having seen the rise of the mobile payments space some time ago. Visa Developer is based on several application program interfaces that have been used for many of Visa’s services. The company expects that it will become a very prominent tool for those interested in mobile payments and want to find success in this promising and increasingly competitive sector.

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