VingCard creates world’s first invisible door locks



Essence system utilizes NFC technology to eliminate lock hardware

VingCard Elsafe, a producer of electronic locks and safes primarily serving the hospitality industry, has announced that it has created the world’s first invisible door lock. The company has introduced the “Essence by VingCard” system, which takes minimalism to an extreme. The system eliminates all lock hardware on doors and internally stored electronic components within the door itself. The system is designed to give hotels more options over the security of their guests.

VingCard notes that new system could eliminate operational issues with conventional lock systems

Though the door’s locking system is concealed from guests, it is still be accessed in a simple way through the use of NFC technology. Hotels making use of these new doors from VingCard will be able to issue NFC-enabled cards to guests. These cards will be programmed to work with certain doors in the hotel, allowing guests to enter their rooms with a simple gesture of their card. VingCard notes that the use of NFC technology with its invisible door locks eliminates some of the operational issues common with conventional locking mechanisms.


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NFC technology beginning to see use beyond mobile commerce and marketing

NFC technology has become quite popular for its uses in the mobile commerce industry. The technology is capable of facilitating contactless payments, allowing consumers to make purchases for goods and services without the need for physical currencies or contact. The capabilities of NFC technologies have begun to find recognition beyond the field of mobile commerce, finding favor in the marketing and hospitality industries.

Essence to be compatible with VISIONLINE system

VingCard’s Essence door locks are compatible with the company’s VISIONLINE system, which uses RF-online communications to eliminate the need for hotel staff to travel from location to location to perform simple tasks. The system is expected to make use of the Essence locks more simplistic for hotels and ensure that simple problems in the implementation of the locks do not cause trouble for guests.


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