VeriFone launches next generation of mobile payment solutions to connect retailers and consumers


Mobile Commerce
VeriFone Systems, Inc. has announced that it is launching its next generation of mobile payments solutions and is welcoming merchants to reconsider the way that they interact with consumers and the way that they think about security, mobility, and even globalization.

The company introduced the new solutions as a part of their expanding point of sale business which currently dominates the marketplace. The service widening will include new mobile technology, multimedia, and payment paradigms, in addition to services based in the cloud which are all designed to improve the overall retail experience.

According to the executive vice president of VeriFone in North America, Jennifer Miles, retailers are seeking much more relevant and profitable methods of connecting and interacting with consumers both online and in person within their store locations. Equally, consumers are trying to find enhanced experiences through their mobile devices and expect to be able to obtain them from the places they like to shop.

She went on to say that “What we’re unveiling meets both retailer needs and consumer desires — creating new and exciting opportunities for everyone, everywhere.”

What VeriFone has now launched in order to accomplish that goal is the MX 900 series, which is the latest generation of the top selling MX family of VeriFone products, which currently covers 70 percent of the leading 200 retailer points of sale in the United States.

This line of products is the most state of the art payment-enabled media solution that is capable of providing content, multimedia and payments securely in order to turn a conventional checkout counter into an intelligent and dynamic interaction between the company and the shopper.

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