Valpak floods the nation with 80 million QR codes

QR Code Campaign

QR Code Campaign

Valpak, a direct marketing company specializing in coupon distribution via mail, is undertaking what is, perhaps, the most ambitious QR code campaign to date. The company is well known for sending out its iconic blue-tinged envelopes containing an assortment of coupons. Direct mail campaigns are an age old marketing strategy that allows businesses to engage consumers in their homes rather than relying on them to stumble across advertisements themselves.

 This method also piques the interest of consumers by offering them deals in the form of coupons. QR codes have augmented direct mailing campaigns in broadening their reach to a much more mobile-centric generation.

Valpak has begun adopting QR codes and now plans to put them to good use in its latest direct mailing campaign. The company will be sending advertising envelopes stamped with a code to more than 80 million homes over the next two months. Of course, Valpak wants to track the performance of each code, and so has tapped SPARQ.ME to provide the company with a QR code management platform.


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Each code resolves to a mobile website which details information on a sweepstakes that Valpak is hosting. Recipients of the envelope are encouraged to enter into the sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes and special deals.

QR codes are no strangers to direct mailing campaigns by any means, but never before have so many been used in on such a large scale.

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