UV sterilizer devices spike in popularity for keeping gadgets germ-free

UV sterilizer - Virus on phone screen

The pandemic crisis has made people very aware of the importance of cleaning their phones.

UV sterilizer gadgets have been taking off in popularity as the pandemic has made people far more aware of how important it is to keep their phones and other devices clean.

Most people already knew that their phone screens were far from sanitary before the pandemic.

While it was no mystery that all the spots and fingerprints on a screen indicated that a phone wasn’t a clean surface, most people didn’t realize just how many types of bacteria, virus, mold, and other germs were building up there. Phones are particularly high in microbes because of their regular use by fingers and faces alike. As increased hand washing and surface wiping became heavily encouraged, people started looking into UV sterilizer gadgets to help ensure their phones were germ-free.

These became particularly appealing for electronics because it is hard to thoroughly wash devices that are easily scratched or that can’t get wet. Touch screens and electronic accessories such as keyboards, which have uneven surfaces but that can’t be soaked in water without breaking, are particularly difficult to clean without alternative means such as a UVC light wand.

A UV sterilizer kills bacteria, viruses, molds and other types of microscopic germs.

A good quality UVC light gadget can disinfect all your devices and accessories in a matter of minutes, according to a recent Financial Express report. Rechargeable versions of these devices make it possible to bring them with you in a handbag or glovebox. That way, as soon as a consumer gets back into his or her car after being a store, office or workplace, a mobile phone can be sanitized before it is ever brought back into the home.

Fortunately, these gadgets are also safe and affordable enough that they remain accessible to consumers even in difficult financial times such as these. Unlike single-use specialty wipes for cleaning phones which are tossed away after a single use, the UVC light wands require only a single purchase and can be UV sterilizer - Virus on phone screenreused time and time again. This means that the UV sterilizer purchase is made only once, and it can be regularly used for cleaning gadgets and accessories.

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