How to Use QR Codes on the Road

QR Code Billboard Helps Business

QR codes are a marketing technique used on everything from magazine pages to product labels to T-shirts. They’re a great – and simple – way to get consumers to engage with brands on mobile devices.

These Quick Response Codes allow brands to link to digital content from a non-digital medium. All the consumer has to do is scan the code with their mobile device to be transported automatically.

QR codes aren’t new – but brands are beginning to use them in new ways. To keep up with consumers everywhere, brands are turning to QR codes for an innovative, interactive form of mobile marketing.

Check out these tips to find out how you can use QR codes on the road to grow your brand. And learn more about staying connected to mobile consumers with great advice from and


Many businesses are used to using vehicles as advertising platforms. Splashing your name, website and phone number on the door of your car or truck is an effective – and inexpensive – way to publicize your brand on the road.

And you can improve on this marketing technique with QR codes. Add a code in a prominent location on your vehicle to allow consumers to go a step further. Rather than having to remember a website name or phone number for later, consumers can scan the QR code and go there immediately – right on their smartphone, from behind you at a stoplight or beside you in a parking lot.

Public transportation

Smartphone users are on their phones all the time – especially when they’re traveling on public transportation. Use QR codes to grab consumers’ attention while they check social media, listen to music or catch up on the news during their commute.

Advertise with QR codes on trains, buses, subway cars and even in-flight magazines.  Consumers can scan your QR code on their smartphones to link to your company website, local locations, coupons, deals and more while they travel.QR Code Billboard Helps Business


Can QR codes really work on billboards? In a word, yes. QR code technology allows for smartphone users to scan codes from long distances – many smartphones even scan the codes just by taking a picture.

A billboard with a QR code can be more effective than one without. Rather than passing by information that they’ll likely soon forget, travelers can scan the code to go right to the company advertised. They can visit the site immediately or bookmark it for later, ensuring that the brand information will stay with them.

What should you link to from your QR code?

It’s easy enough just to link your QR code to the homepage of your website. But to give your QR code an extra punch, you can link to (and advertise) special, limited-time offers or coupons.

And QR codes can do a lot more, too – they can prompt your smartphone to make a call, send a text message or email, view a map location or download a contact.

You can also link to product details, contact information, social media pages or videos. Even link to virtual stores where people can purchase real goods – anything that will get consumers connected to your online presence.

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