United Arts of Central Florida turns to QR codes to garner support with consumers

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United Arts to launch QR-powered Art of Giving campaign this month

The United Arts of Central Florida, an agency that works to raise funds to support various arts and science organizations, is turning to mobile technology to gain support for its latest Art of Giving campaign. The campaign is scheduled to launch on June 17 and will rely almost entirely on the use of QR codes to connect with consumers. The Art of Giving campaign is designed to be a “grass-roots” initiative that aims to garner support from the Central Florida community for the sake of art and science projects.

Codes prove popular tools for advocacy and charity groups

QR codes have become a popular tool in the charity and fund-raising scene. The blocky, black and white barcodes are capable of distributing information quickly amongst a large audience and have been used to connect businesses with consumers. The codes are easy to use and affordable, making them an alluring option for charity groups such as United Arts of Central Florida. The organization believes that its use of QR codes will attract tech-savvy donors who are eager to support various types of art.


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Funds raised through campaign to be used to support artists and other organizations

The money raised through the Art of Giving campaign will be used to provide local artists and artistic organizations with grants. Donations can be made by scanning QR codes that will be emblazoned on a number of materials that are used for the campaign. The funds will be issued to artists and organizations beginning July 1 of this year, in time for the 2013 fiscal year. The codes are expected to be a big hit with consumers due to their convenience and simplistic nature.

Campaign may be a way to rebrand United Arts

Emma Kruch, communications manager for United Arts of Central Florida, believes that the Art of Giving campaign is an opportunity to rebrand the organization. Kruch notes that the tagline for the campaign is “The Arts Matter,” a concept that Kruch believes can take root within the community. Volunteers working for the campaign will be donned with T-shirts that feature a QR code that can be scanned with a smart phone to learn more about the campaign and to make donations.

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