Unique WeChat QR codes give business clients a way to access more customer data

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Tencent wants to focus more on its business clients than its users.

A unique kind of WeChat QR codes are being rolled out as part of a new service that gives business clients the chance to use these codes on every single one of their products. This will allow Tencent’s business clients access to more data on each of their customers.

The service will provide companies with better tracking data.

The WeChat QR codes are part of Tencent’s latest move to focus on business clients, rather than its users. The service will reportedly allow companies to better track the behavior of offline consumers with data that is both gathered and sent in real time. Additionally, brands can use this “one object, one code” system to interact with their customers.

“Through the ‘one object, one code’ system, brands can connect every product and consumer, send product info, bring users into official accounts, provide anti-counterfeit services, send out red packets and targeted marketing, as well as carry out user and data management,” states a WeChat announcement, TechNode reports.

The new initiatives that Tencent unveiled for third-party vendors of WeChat mini-programs are to help more businesses establish a presence on the Chinese multi-purpose platform.

Retailers can create their own customized WeChat QR codes.

Retailers who would like to take advantage of the new feature can sign up for it through the WeChat official account platform and design their own customized codes themselves or by utilizing third-party developers.

TechNode reports that according to Sina Tech, three companies, Mengniu (dairy brand), Jiangxiaobai (liquor brand) and Wanglaoji (herbal tea brand), have already tested the service, with Wanglaoji reporting that its sales increased more than one-fifth after it starting printing the unique codes on its products.

It is not only Tencent that has placed greater focus on its business clients. Its rival, Alibaba, has also expanded services to support small- and medium-sized enterprises.

That being said, the WeChat QR codes are not truly innovative in the retail sector. Other big-name companies like WeChat QR Codes - Produce with QR codesWalmart and MAC previously attempted to use similar campaigns involving quick response codes. However, these campaigns were eventually abandoned when they failed to find success.

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