Unemployed man uses QR code sandwich board in his job hunt

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A Canadian man has found a unique new way to use QR code marketing, by printing one onto a sandwich board and walking the streets of Toronto in a desperate attempt to try to find a job.

The man, 42-year old John Currie, is a motion graphics producer who is out of work and who decided to use this marketing tool to allow potential employers to scan the code to that they may view his website, on which his 2012 demo reel is accessible.

Currie (twitter handle @thatQRcodeguy) explained that “This is a one-man marketing initiative. I’m very unhappily unemployed and have been for about a year.” He said that by the end of last year, he’d promised himself that if January 2012 came around and he was still unemployed, he would head out on the street to try to gain some exposure. To maximize the impact of this effort, he used a QR code.


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He explained that he is being quite passive about his efforts as he walks along Yonge Street’s heavy business stretch that includes the headquarters of one of the largest newspapers in the country. Currie hasn’t been making any demands or requesting that people either scan the code or provide him with information. Instead, he’s taken a simpler strategy of greeting passersby and hoping that they will scan his QR code so that they will see what he is capable of offering.

Currie is currently seeking work in advertising and marketing where animation is required, as he has been creating video and film animated graphics for about two decades.

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