Ubleam looks to a new generation of QR codes

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QR codes frameNew QR codes developed by Ubleam

Ubleam is a new start-up devoted to the development of a new generation of QR codes. The company was established in 2011 in France and has made significant progress in its endeavor to launch a new kind of code that could be very useful in marketing and other applications. QR codes have been evolving over the years, going from black and white blocky patterns to more visually appealing designs. Visual QR codes, those that are free of the blocky patterns of their traditional counterparts, have begun to grow particularly popular.

Visual codes are becoming more popular

Ubleam has developed a new kind of visual QR code that aims to provide users with a visually appealing alternative to conventional QR codes. The code features a graphic design, such as a logo, along with a sequence of dots that are meant to contain digital information in much the same way conventional QR codes function. These visual codes could be more appealing to consumers due to the fact that they are more visually engaging than other kinds of QR codes.


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Bleam application shows powerful performance

This week, Ubleam has released a study evaluating the performance of QR codes and their associated scanning applications. The study indicates that there is uneven performance across all QR code scanning applications, with many unable to provide a well-rounded service to consumers. Popular scanning applications, such as ScanLife and Mobiletage, are both noted in the study to have a small scan range, allowing consumers to only scan QR codes that are very nearby. The study also suggests that these applications are not well suited for customization.

Conventional QR codes may not go extinct any time soon

The study compares these scanning applications to the Bleam app, which is Ubleam’s own scanning application. Bleam is capable of scanning conventional QR codes as well as visual codes that are produced by Ubleam. As such, conventional QR codes are not something that Ubleam expects to vanish within the coming years, though the codes may eventually be replaced in marketing by their more aesthetically pleasing counterparts.

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