U.S. Postal Service offering discounts for QR code usage

US Post Office QR Code Discount

US Post Office QR Code Discount

Many in the mobile marketing industry believe that society is reaching a “critical mass” of smart phone use. This puts QR codes at the tipping point toward becoming a mainstream technology. Citing research from Mobio, a leader in QR code solutions for businesses around the world, which shows that QR code scanning increased by 1,200% in the last six months of 2010, more businesses are adopting the code as part of their marketing campaigns. QR has proven to be so popular that even the United States Postal Service is encouraging those sending mail to use them.

The USPS has announced an initiative to promote the use of the barcode. Beginning July 1st and through August 31st, the postal service will be offering a 3% discount on all mail that includes a QR code. This offer extends to any business making use of the mailing service whether they are massive corporations or independent non-profit organizations.

A study conducted by Scanbuy, a global provider of mobile barcode solutions, finds that QR codes are being scanned more than old 1d barcodes. The company is hailing this as a major turning point in the acceptance of QR codes. Mobile marketing may well be on its way to becoming a standard for businesses all over the world.

While the codes have proven themselves to be a powerful and versatile tool in the mobile world, their use has raised concerns over the security of private information. These concerns have gone unfounded thus far but may prove to be a real issue in the future.

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