U.S. companies turn to Tagstand for NFC deployment



NFC marketing may need a kick start in the U.S.

NFC is a big part of mobile marketing today. The technology has become a favorite of advertisers looking to reach out to consumers who are tethered to mobile technology. As a marketing tool, NFC has become quite popular in the European and Asian markets. This popularity is driven by a rampant interest in mobile technology and interactivity in these parts of the world. In the U.S., however, NFC marketing is somewhat staler. This is leading some businesses to turn to Tagstand, a company specializing in NFC deployment, for a solution.

Expanding NFC awareness by making advertising more simple

Tagstand creates NFC tags, labels, and stickers and provides these products to companies interested in using them. U.S. consumers have shown interest in interacting with these products in the past, but have begun to shy away from NFC advertisements because of their apparent complexity. Currently, these advertisements can only be enjoyed by those that own NFC-enabled mobile devices, which is still quite rare. Tagstand believes that NFC technology does not need to be overly complicated and is working to expand its business to be more competitive with other companies providing NFC services.

Tagstand looks to couple NFC tags with social media

The company already has a great deal of momentum in the field of NFC technology. Tagstand worked with telecom company Nokia to implement over 20,000 NFC tags in over 1,000 retail locations in India. This initiative is the single largest deployment of NFC branded materials in the world. The company has also made several updates to its services that allow companies to allow consumers to connect with social networks when using NFC tags.Tagstand believes that by incorporating social media, NFC will grow at a much quicker pace.

ABI Research shows that NFC marketing is taking off

A recent study from ABI Research suggests that NFC smart posters will represent 70% of NFC tag use by 2016. The tags used in these posters are also used for other NFC advertisements that do not involve mobile payments. Tagstand believes that these tags could be used for much more than smart posters and could still find the success that ABI expects the posters to see.

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