Two Google services see serious changes in the hopes of improvement

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The search giant’s News and YouTube products are getting some important updates.

In the battle against content theft and fake news, two Google services are receiving an important update.

Google has announced upcoming changes to both its News and YouTube video streaming service.

The company has faced heavy criticism over certain Google services that are paving the way for abuse. Among the ways that certain people are misusing the products include posting fake news and stealing content from YouTube creators and posting it on their own channels to earn ad revenue. The company has been working hard to try to come up with algorithms and systems that would overcome those issues. Recently, it announced its solutions to minimizing the problems.

The affected Google services will undergo changes to help check facts and reduce income opportunity for content thieves.

YouTube homepage - Google servicesIn the effort to stop people from stealing content from other YouTube creators, Google will now stop ads from being able to run on channels that have had fewer than 10,000 views. The goal is to make it too much effort to be worthwhile for copycats to steal content and re-post it on their own accounts. After all, by the time they’re caught and are booted from YouTube, they won’t likely have had enough views to have made any money through ads.

At the same time, the goal of this policy that has been in creation since last November, is to make sure that creators relying on an income from their channels will not experience any harm. Any creators making enough money to have had their earnings affected will already be well over the 10,000 views mark.

Channels hitting the 10,000 views mark for the first time will have their content reviewed to make sure community guideline compliance and advertiser policy adherence are present.

The other among the major changes to Google services is the fight against fake news. The News feature from the company now offers a “fact check” option from a reputable site such as Snopes and PolitiFact when a controversial topic has been provided among search results. This lets readers check to see whether or not facts stated in an article are true.

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