Twitter QR codes launched for following and sharing

Twitter QR codes outage Mobile social media marketing mobile ads

The social media platform has introduced quick response codes not entirely unlike Snapchat.

Twitter QR codes have now been launched for the purpose of making it easier for people to follow accounts and share their own. Every Twitter user has his or her own unique quick response code. When that barcode is scanned, the mobile device user is automatically directed to the applicable account.

A user can find his or her QR code within the Twitter app inside the profile option.

From there, Twitter QR codes can be accessed by tapping on the gear icon and selecting “QR Code.” At the moment, this option is available to users with the iOS version of the mobile app. That makes it possible for a user to either access his or her quick response code or to scan someone else’s.

Scanning Twitter QR codes is simple and straightforward, using the rear camera and viewfinder.

Twitter QR codes outage Mobile social media marketing mobile adsThat said, if a user is in an area without data service or WiFi, it’s also possible to snap a picture of a QR code so that it can be scanned later on from within the camera roll. This use of QR codes has been growing since Snapchat introduced them for similar purposes.

That said, these barcodes are far from new. They have been rapidly growing in popularity in printed advertising, product labels and other purposes for several years. Since print ads and product labels have very limited space available, many companies have found QRcodes to be a highly affordable way to provide consumers with a way to access an unlimited amount of information, from text to multimedia options such as videos.

For the same reason, even some cemeteries have gone so far as to add them to tombstones. In this way, deceased people can be memorialized with far greater depth than a name and the years of birth and death.

Some have wondered if the Twitter QR codes will ever be as popular as those from Snapchat and other uses. The reason is that the barcodes require a couple of steps in order to access or scan instead of being a more central part of the experience.

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