Track your clothing?!

RFID Clothing

RFID Clothing

As if we didn’t have enough to be paranoid about when it comes to our personal privacy; DAILY RFID Co., LTD, has developed a new “wash and wear” rfid tracking tag for clothing. The main purpose for the clothing tags isn’t really for spying. They will help retailers and manufacturers to track where the clothes go, how many times they get washed and dried, and they’ll help keep company inventory more accurate.

The tags are waterproof, heat resistant, small and dust proof. They can be washed more than one thousand times and still be usable. These were developed purposely to fit a wide range of applications that a business might need. Clothing retailers, hospitals, laundry services and hotels all need an accurate inventory and order tracking system.

In theory, the tags are supposed to help businesses keep precise control over their inventory management, and apparently, it’s working. Hotels in Honolulu, Miami and Manhattan are all using similar technology, in items like towels, robes and even in the bed sheets.

One Honolulu hotel that implemented the technology last summer says they were losing around four thousand dollars a month from the theft of pool towels. Now that number is down to a more manageable amount of just $750 a month in stolen towels.   

DAILY RFID is the leading company focusing on RFID research and development in China. DAILY belongs to PAN Group Co., LTD. DAILY RFID has been in business since 1998 and specializes in manufacturing RFID Tags, RFID Labels, Smart Cards and RFID Readers.

They have developed rfid animal ear tags, rfid wristbands, rfid windshield tags and rfid jewelry tags, to name a few of their products.

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