Toyota turns car windows into interactive displays with new augmented reality prototype

Toyota Interactive Car Window

Augmented reality has been pegged as the technology that will change the way people interact with the world. The uses of AR are broad, covering several industries, including gaming and advertising. The technology is so promising that many of the world’s most influenncial companies are now experimenting with how they can integrate AR into their upcoming products. Toyota is among these enterprising businesses, and the famed auto maker is showing of what their engineers have developed.

Toyota has partnered with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) to develop the “Window to the World” augmented reality prototype system. The prototype transforms the windows of a vehicle into fully interactive screens. A simple touch of the finger can bring up a variety of option, allowing passengers to experience the world around them in a more in-depth way.

So far, Toyota’s designers have implemented five features into the system. One is designed specifically for children and allows them to use their fingers to draw shapes on the windows. When the vehicle moves from a stopped position, the shapes stay anchored to the physical world, sliding past the window as the vehicle travels further away. Other features include a distance calculator and a translation program that is designed for tourists.


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The auto industry has been showing an increased interest in augmented reality recently. If Toyota’s prototype ever reaches the point of being integrated with their commercial vehicles, we may be one step closer to the world of sci-fi cars we’ve been promised for years.

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