Toyota picks up mobile payments

Toyota mobile payments

Toyota teams with Barclays in order to enter into mobile commerce

Toyota has begun embracing mobile payments. Toyota Financial Services, the financial arm of the automaker, has partnered with Barclays in order to allow drivers to make additional payments on their vehicles through their mobile devices. The Barclays Pingit application will be used to conduct these mobile payments. Toyota is one of the first automakers to begin taking mobile commerce more seriously and provide consumers with a way to pay for their vehicles from their smartphones and tablets.

Divers can now pay for their vehicles using the Pingit application from Barclays

Currently, this initiative is only available to consumers in the United Kingdom. The Pingit application can be acquired for free and can be used by anyone that has a bank account in the United Kingdom. Users of the application cannot make an initial payment on a Toyota vehicle through the app itself, but they can make additional payments and even a final payment on the vehicles they have purchased from the automaker.

Mobile commerce continues to gain momentum throughout the United Kingdom

Toyota mobile paymentsMobile commerce has established a strong following around the world, and especially in the United Kingdom. Demand among UK consumers for new mobile commerce services has been on the rise for some time, powered by the growing reliance that these consumers have on their mobile devices. By embracing mobile payments, Toyota is positioning itself to better cater to consumers that are becoming more mobile-centric. Toyota notes that its approach to mobile commerce has to do with providing its customers with more options and flexibility when it comes to paying for their vehicles.

Barclays works to establish a strong presence in the mobile commerce world with its applications

Barclays has been working to establish a prominent presence in the mobile commerce field for some time. The firm’s Pingit application was launched in February of 2012 and has since become quite an attractive platform for businesses and consumers alike. Toyota chose to partner with Barclays because of the experience in mobile commerce the firm has gleaned over the past few years.

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