Toyota adopts QR codes to help customers control their accounts

Toyota Payment App

Toyota Payment App
Toyota Financial Services, the U.S. financing and insurance arm of the automaker, has launched a application for smart phones that aims to bring customers a better experience when managing their accounts online. The company has taken a unique approach to the matter by adopting QR codes, which will allow consumers with quick access to their accounts. Using the app, customers can generate a free, personalized QR code, which can then be printed and attached to anything they can think of.

QR codes are becoming a very popular way for companies to add some extra value to their services. The codes are inexpensive and are an effective means of data distribution and connectivity. The codes are so capable at customer interaction that more companies have been adopting the mobile technology in earnest. Not one to be left behind, Toyota is looking to appease mobile consumers and streamline the account management process.

Even if customers opt not to create codes themselves, Toyota will be posting a unique code for each customer on their billing statements. Use of the code is not required to pay bills in any way, but Toyota wants to give consumers the option to make use of the company’s new system. The initiative is being branded by Karen Ideno, head of marketing with the Toyota Financial Services, as a way for customers to have more control over their accounts.

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