Touch ID added to American mobile banking app

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U.S. Bank has now announced that this security upgrade with fingerprint scanning is available.

One of the latest announcements from U.S. Bank has revealed that its mobile banking app will now support Touch ID for iPhone users as a simpler way to keep their financial details safe while still conveniently accessing their account.

This means that users of recent iPhone generations can use their fingerprints as passwords.

According to the U.S. Bank executive vice president and head of omnichannel banking, Gareth Gaston, “We have been looking at ways to use biometrics, such as voice and fingerprint, to authenticate identification for several years.” Gaston added that “Today, we have critical mass.” He pointed out that for many consumers, being able to access their mobile banking app through different secure forms of verification is no longer a luxury or an added feature. It’s an expectation. More specifically, for many of them, they have become comfortable with using their fingerprints to unlock their devices as well as various apps.

The addition of Touch ID to the mobile banking app is an effort to keep the bank at the head of innovation and tech.

mobile bankingIn order to be able to use this new feature of the mobile app, customers must have an iPhone in the 5s generation or newer. The bank also pointed out that this feature would also soon be available in future updates to the iPad app as well as for users of Android devices that are equipped with fingerprint readers. At the moment, it is available exclusively for the iPhone.

The fingerprint scanning will allow a customer to verify his or her identity in the same way that is traditionally done through login names or numbers and passwords. This will let people view their accounts, deposit checks and take advantage of the other features within the mobile application.

The mobile banking app also recently made headlines when U.S. Bank announced that it would allow customers to be able to make real-time person-to-person payments. That feature became active within the application as of February 21 through the power of the clearXchange network service.

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