Toronto charity sets giant QR code world record

Worlds Largest QR Code

Youth Unlimited has made its way into the Guinness records.

After months of planning and preparations, the Youth Unlimited North York charity from Toronto, Canada, has set a new record with Guinness, for the largest giant QR code in the world.

In doing so, the nonprofit also raised a significant amount of money for its cause.

The effort included the use of 1,369 four foot squares in black and quite. Each was sponsored or purchased in support of the charity and were displayed in a careful pattern in the Esther Shiner Stadium by the organization’s volunteers, in order to form a tremendous quick response code.

The previous world record for this type of barcode had been held by St-Janvier de Mirabel which set it at the Air Fest, in February 2012 in Quebec, Canada. Though that one was a massive 15,625 square feet, this most recent design left that size far behind, reaching 21,904 square feet.

This new record breaking giant QR code is Version 5-H, Mask 6, and when it is scanned, it resolves to the website at the following URL: There, it’s possible to learn more about the charity, as well as to make donations to help its cause, which is to support at risk youth within its community.

The record was officially set by Youth Unlimited on Saturday, June 16, 2012.

The money that was raised through the purchase and sponsoring of the squares that made up the barcode will go toward the support of the charity’s various programs, which include BMX biking, basketball, a summer day camp, a girls’ art program, and a youth entrepreneurship training class, among others.

The organization is now more than 65 years old and works hard to keep itself relevant and financially supported so that its volunteers and 12 workers can continue running its 20 different programs which serve the unemployed, homeless, and poor youth, as well as those involved in gangs and those who are victims of violence. At risk youth benefiting from the programs range from 16 to 25 years old.

The giant QR code was a huge success for this grassroots faith based charity.


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