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Gadgets continue to be a top gift but accessories are also becoming some of the leading choices for Christmas 2015.

The last few years have proven that mobile devices are continuing to be the top wanted – and given – gifts every holiday season, but this year the accessories are just as important as the main gadgets themselves.

Headphones, external battery chargers and organizer hard cases are some top choices to stuff stockings this year.

As much as everyone loves to think they’ll be getting the latest smartphone, tablet or even a smartwatch for Christmas 2015, those are the gifts that are likely to be wrapped up with a bow and tucked under the tree. On the other hand, the top tech gift ideas that are headed into stockings are the accessories to help to make those mobile devices even more fun. The top headphones, the lightest and slimmest external battery chargers and other add-ons are flying off the shelves.

This year, travel cases to keep power banks, cords and other accessories for mobile devices organized are a huge hit.

gifts holidays present mobile devicesEven if the latest iPhone or the Apple Watch isn’t one of the gifts Santa will be bringing this year, virtually everyone on the average holiday shopping list has a handful of gadgets, cords and accessories that are constantly going missing, getting caught on things and breaking or are simply piling up in a massive clutter on virtually every surface.

For this reason, everyone from students to business professionals are receiving travel cases made for mobile gadgets to keep everything neat, safe and in place. When looking for the perfect option, most consumers are seeking hard cases made from high quality materials that will offer water resistance against a rain shower or spilled coffee, enough room to store cords, ear buds, a portable hard drive and external battery pack, and yet be slim enough to toss into a briefcase, handbag or tote.

While cases had been slipping in popularity in previous years, now that we are as dependent as we are on our mobile devices, they have come back into the top gift ideas lists with a vengeance during the 2015 holiday shopping season.

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