Top Gear’s James May to present exhibitions at the Science Museum in London

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Science Museum adopts augmented reality

The United Kingdom’s Science Museum in London is welcoming augmented reality with open arms. The museum has teamed with DigiCave, a developer of mobile applications, Qualcomm, an augmented reality developer, and Top Gear’s James May, well known for his love for and knowledge of history. Qualcomm will be leveraging its Vuforia augmented reality platform to construct a series of digital presentations featuring May. These presentations will be a part of nine of the museum’s most valued exhibitions. The experience will be available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Digital James May to speak on various topics concerning science and technology

The presentations are dubbed the James May Science Stories. In these presentations, May discusses the various aspects that went into producing some of the world’s most acclaimed scientific accomplishments. These accomplishments include some of the world’s oldest vehicles, which May has a particular interest in and extensive knowledge with as a presenter of Top Gear. James May appears in these presentations as a minute, digital version of himself standing on a plinth. The plinth features a glyph, which is recognized by the Vuforia application and used to initiate the augmented reality experience.

Visitors to engage in interactive technology

Visitors with mobile devices will be able to move around the plinth without disrupting the presentation. May appears a s a 3D representation of himself, which responds to real-world interaction. For instance: Those standing behind the plinth with see the presentation as though they were standing behind May. These people would be able to move around the plinth to meet virtual James May face-to-face. The Science Museum believes that this interactive experience will be well received by visitors.

Science Museum may have future plans for augmented reality

London’s Science Museum is not the first to make use of augmented reality or mobile technology, but it is the first to feature James May as a presenter. The museum hopes that May will attract tech-savvy visitors who have a love for history, science and technology. DigiCave hopes to continue working with the Science Museum to produce more interactive exhibitions in the future.

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